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Q. How do I print in the library?

If connected to campus WiFi, you may print using your own device. Otherwise, you may use one of the library's computers.

  • Only students may use the IWU Print Account to print in the library.   Guests must go to one of the library's service areas to receive guest access.
  • Student Print Accounts are automatically credited $5.00 at the beginning of each school year (not semester). This amount will not roll over to the next school year.
  • Additional funds may be added to the Print Account via cash, check, or credit card.; This money will carry over to the next school year.
  • Students must log in using the IWU username and password to print from a library computer.
  • Students may swipe their IWU ID card or log in to retrieve their black and white print jobs on all levels and color print jobs on the main level at the copier printers. Note: ID cards must be associated with a student's information. Please see a library staff member for assistance with associating an ID.
  • Account history can be viewed online. Any questions or disputes must be handled at the Print Center in Maxwell 138.
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