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Q. How do I print in black and white?

Black and white printing is available on the main and lower levels of the library.   Black and white printing costs 5 cents per page (or side).  The paper size is limited to a standard 8.5" x 11".  Use the Print Hub digital storefront if you need to print a larger size.

Departments may have their orders delivered.  Students may pick up their orders at the IWU Post Office in Barnes Student Center, Room 137.

Printing in black and white on a PC

  1. Open up your document and go to the print menu.
  2. Select the FollowMe printer from the Printer dropdown.  Make sure that you select whether you want it double-sided as well.
  3. Now click print.  This should bring up the print dialog box where you will enter your IWU username and password.
  4. You may pick up your print job from any copier/printer in the library on the main or lower level.
    • Swipe your IWU ID card slowly on your selected printer to log in and open your print queue. 
    • Select "Print All" or select individual documents for printing
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